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A Local favourite surrounded by a summer village of the same name. Good for young swimmers because of its gradual increase in water depth. this is the Best beach for enjoying sunsets. THe Harbour is also home to Lighthouses, old and new.

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While privately owned, this beach is enjoyed by all. This protected cove is perfect for a sandy outing with family and friends. 


A Beautiful beach near Whale Cove Cottages. a short walk along the beach and up the hillside Leads you to  stunning sunset views. Occasionally there is a platform installed that swimmers can make their destination for jumping.


There are many local swimming holes along the River. If you're a long time resident, you probably have your favourites. If you're visiting, well, ask a local! Hint: Look to the Bridges.

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Belle Cote

Not far from Margaree harbour beach, beautiful belle cote beach is great for young swimmers because of the usual calmness and gradual depth of the water. 

Lake o'law

Beautiful lake o'law is right on the provincial park or the lakes restaurant and campground.

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