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Festivals & events

Anything that Floats Race

An annual celebration of water-borne folly, which, as the name suggests, involves a “race” down the Margaree river in anything that doesn’t sink.

Occurs on the first Saturday in August!

Belle Cote Days

Every summer the residents of Belle Cote organize a week-long party to honour their town.

Occurs on the last weekend in July!

North east Margaree Firemen's Days

Occurs on the first weekend of July!

Canada Day

There’s only one place to be on July 1st in Margaree and that’s the Coady-Tompkins Library which features readings by some of Canada’ finest writers. Past readers include Alistair MacLeod, Johanna Skibsrud, Donna Morrisey, Linden MacIntyre and Sarah Faber.

Cape Breton’s unique blend of Scottish and Irish musical heritages mix under the multi-coloured hues of fall foliage in venues all across the island.

Occurs during the second week of October!

Inverness Gathering

During Gathering Week, Inverness pulls far-flung family and friends back to their hometown for days of music, food and fun.

Occurs during the last week of July!

Located next St. Michael’s church in East Margaree, the Highland Games offer food, magic shows and horse rides, not to mention a showcase for the talents of brawny men and women in tartan kilts.

Occurs on the second weekend in August!

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